At Wheelers Yard, we enjoy and cherish everything related to bikes!

That includes e-bikes and their amazing technological and environmentally-friendly potential. 

e-Bikes Preparation for repair/service. 
  1. Please make sure the e-Bike is accessible, that the mechanic has the key and the charger is made available.
  2. Due to health and safety requirements, we require that all e-bikes that are brought in for servicing are accompanied with the key, so our mechanics can remove the battery if required. We are unable to progress with any servicing on an e-bike without the key.
  3. Some e-Bikes also have alarms, if working onsite you will need to deactivate each time you remove/refit the battery. Bosch e-Bike alarm will need switching off. 
  4. And the customers permission to view and enter service data.

Glee bikes inc

We’ve partnered with Glee Bikes Inc to be an authorized dealer and sell their amazing canadian e-bikes in our physical store!

Glee Bikes Inc is a 100% owned and operated Canadian company whose logo embodies the corporate culture of the word Glee : as Exultant High-Spirited Joy!

Our experienced engineers and management whose vast experience in bicycles, scooters, software, data science and even the automotive industry focus on these key attributes when delivering a product to our customers: 

  • Fun
  • Class Leading Design 
  • Simplicity of Use 

We are diligently interested in executing new designs utilizing cutting edge technologies for Ebikes while being mindful of decreasing our companies carbon footprint.

We maintain an ethical workplace with employee safety and a sustainable workplace that is socially and environmentally responsible, that embraces creativity and diversity and is financially rewarding,  for our employees and shareholders.


World’s first for Ebikes!

From Glee Bikes Inc an electronic movement sensor alarm system with engine shutdown lock FOB integral and built right into the frame!

It comes with two FOBS so never worry about losing your FOB. Glee Bikes Inc understands the chance of loss.

Glee Bikes wants you to enjoy cell phone call’s safely so with every bike is included with a tough cell phone holder that fits right on the handlebars of your Glee Bike… make calls, listen to your music without worry of dropping your cell phone and of course please keep your eye on the road.





Folds Quickly & Easily

The small and portable Glee Bike folds quickly with the twist of a clasp. Take the Glee Bike wherever you go, as it fits comfortably inside car trunks, offices and even elevators.





Don't hesitate to contact us to get yours today!