Our Coffee

We present our Special Origin Coffee, a sample of the work and strength of Colombia, from the beautiful town of Urrao – Antioquia (Rigoberto’s birthplace ) to the whole world; it is a coffee with fragrance, flavour and roasted to perfection, which will transport you to Colombia with the unmistakable smell and taste of a good cup of coffee



Coffee from Colombia

Roast Profile: Dark

Tasting NotesBold, rich, intense, a classic!

Taste DescriptionCrisp, round citrus, dark chocolate, “coffee”, sweet spice

The coffee that started it all! There is no coffee that better expresses a true “coffee” flavour than Colombian coffee. The clean, high-grown arabica; the rich, carefully selected dark roast. These two elements combine to bring you a true crowd pleaser. Best in drip or French Press – but so versatile that you can trust this coffee to perform everywhere.

Origin100% Certified Organic, Single Origin Colombian Arabica Beans

Elevation: 1,750+ metres above sea level

  • Fair Trade

  • Small batch roasted in Victoria, BC, Canada

Social Impact: Female farmer empowerment, sanitation upgrades, increased productivity education

Coffee from Peru

Roast ProfileMedium

Tasting NotesSavoury, silky, cocoa

Taste Description: Sweet citrus, green apple, milk chocolate, toasted peanut – with a crisp fruity finish.

There is no coffee more perfect for your breakfast pairing than this lovely gem. It comes directly from the hands of the Nomatsiguenga people in Junin, Peru – just outside of Pangoa (where the growers’ co-operative is). The cup is classically savoury, sweet, crisp and clean. Our medium roast allows the coffee to be sweetly smooth. Great in a drip, press, or pour-over of any lineage.

Origin100% Single Origin Certified Organic Peruvian Arabica Beans

Elevation: 1,200-1,700 metres above sea level

Certified Organic

Fair Trade

Small batch roasted in Victoria, BC, Canada